Capturing Lead System

If your company is only dealing with "the buy now" prospects you most likely are leaving a lof of money under the table by not nurturing those potential clients who are not quite ready to consider your services.

It’s generally agreed that one of the best first steps towards gathering a tribe of raving fans and growing a successful business is building a working list of prospects and customers that is much more than just a bunch of names and email addresses.

This marketing service like social media marketing is most effective if you also collect useful marketing details on your tribe members and organize this data in a way that will help you build powerful campaigns that build rapport and truly connect with those people.

Whether you choose to use traditional forms of lead capture such as email, voice and web forms or are ready to step up to the latest mobile marketing technology that is revolutionizing marketing communications, AFS delivers it all for you in one easy to use integrated, automated platform.

Let’s take a look at all of CS  Marketing Domination’s Automatic Follow Up System (AFS) capture methods:

SUPER SMS :(Text Messaging)

Mobile SMS/Text messaging has rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon that is embraced by people of all walks of life from preteens to senior citizens.

This inexpensive form of communication has become the preferred way of near instant connection with others. A mind blowing survey statistic reveals that 91% of all mobile phone users both keep their phones within one meter of them and keep them turned ON 24 hours a day.

So what you ask?

Think about the enormity of that statistic. What it really means is that text messaging is the most readily accessible method your likely prospects can use to instantly subscribe to your campaigns, ANY time and ANY where.

Give them the right incentive action to subscribe and it will take them a matter of mere seconds to join your tribe. Never again do they have to wait to get to a computer (which in most cases would mean they would forget). Now, they can just pick up their mobile phone and text you.

It’s FAST. It’s EASY. It’s FUN.

As soon as you have your AFS campaign set up, your prospects can freeform text their name, email address, website and whatever else you’d like to prompt them for to your campaign phone number. Their texted information will automatically populate your campaign’s database fields. The mobile phone number they use to text you is also automatically recorded so you don’t have to ask them to give up their phone number, which tends to be resisted.

You automatically already have it in your database. Sweet, isn’t it? .This is one of the many features that make up our marketing automation.

You can immediately respond to their text and or schedule as many future replies to them as you want. Even though they subscribed via text, you can use the system to automatically follow up by email autoresponder, mobile text message, direct-to-voicemail call and even by automatically creating and mailing physical letters and post cards.

It’s fully integrated, completely automated and totally awesome. Nothing else even comes close to doing everything that AFS does for you.


Getting prospects into your sales funnel by email is still an important tool and Instant Customer gives you the best platform available to handle, manage and automate the process. Each time you start a campaign, you automatically get a unique email address for that campaign. You never have to take the time to request one in advance…it’s always immediately available for you to use on demand.

Inside AFS you get an easy to use, intuitive email editor that lets you use graphics, flash content, embedded links and more. You’ll be able to quickly send professional looking, full featured emails that really convert.

Every prospect capture method provided by AFS including email, gives you the ability to respond immediately or schedule a future reply to a prospect’s request. Also, even though the contact came in by email, you can tell the system to automatically follow up by email autoresponder, mobile text message or a direct-to-voicemail call.