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Welcome to Coral Springs Marketing Consultants. For the last 5 years , we’ve been the go-to company for lead generation and advertising solutions for local businesses.

We specialize in two things: RESULTS and ULTRA-HIGH TOUCH SERVICE.

Results, meaning we make the phone ring. Whether that’s from online lead generation via PPC or SEO… traditional advertising… or direct response, we can do it all. Our client results speak for themselves. Go to this page to read about our testimonials.

Ultra-High Touch Service, meaning we communicate with you and report to you every step of the way, so you ALWAYS know exactly how your campaigns are doing and what your results are.


Doing business with CSMC


We are accepting new clients based on first come first served basis in relation to their geographical target area. In other words we only serve one client per industry per one location. Note: we cannot take on clients in some sub-industries and in some geographies due to competitive conflicts of interest. We are very PICKY WHO WE WILL WORK WITH because we are here to look for long  term partnerships not JUST CUSTOMERS. Click here  for  more information about our client criteria.





Living in Coral Springs for more than 15 years  I  have seen and continue to see major changes in our demographics , technology and they way businesses operate. This is what really led me to realize  that businesses needed to adapt to new ways of  marketing their services  if they were to stay competitive in their respective industries.

Seo – Coral Springs

When we started building websites and doing Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization services  we took a similar “get as many customers as you can with as little staff as possible” attitude—and the results were less than ideal. Our customer service was, average at best and in some cases downright miserable. We were in perpetual reactive mode, putting out fires and trying to keep everyone happy. Some days were better than others. Overall, it was not good for our customers or our employees.


Fast forward to today, we now are very careful who we work with and the number of clients  we can handle  because we only want to provide stellar results for our clients and help them dominate their niches.

So after making  some much needed changes we are now in the position to serve our clients  the way I believe it should be. We completely overhauled what we offered, how we offered them, the processes we used to manage them etc…

Now we’re taking on new customers again—and  with a catch.

We don’t want just any  customer. We are looking for long-term partners; that we can help grow, and grow with over time.

Finally I am looking forward meeting  you and help  you dominate your market share .