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A website should not just draw attention. The role of a website is to attract, engage and educate your potential customers by facilitating their decision making process so you can be the obvious choice over your competitors.

Turn Your Website Lookers Into Buyers

Perhaps you feel a bit confused about what to look for in a webdesign  company, especially since there are so many of them and  the price range is too broad from free  to ten thousands of dollars. So we’d like to help you out by  sharing with you the three  most critical  web design flaws that plague most modern websites so YOU know exactly what to look for:

Web Design Flaw #1 – Lack of Strategic Marketing Content

Most web design companies don’t provide content for your website. In fact, they usually ask you to provide them with the text and content for your website because they are just designers, and not marketing consultants. Even if they do write content for you, it usually is ineffective because they are not trained as marketing copywriters so they always use the 3 Forbidden Phrases which cause dismal results.

Web Design Flaw #2 – Lack of Properly Scripted Videos

Videos are the most powerful means of communicating quickly and effectively with your target audience. The problem with most Web Design companies, however, is that they’re also full of the 3 Forbidden Phrases and they’re usually not produced to effectively accomplish a marketing goal. At CS Marketing Consultants, we include video production in all of our Web Design packages, and we have one of our marketing consultants properly script the video using our advanced scientific process.

Web Design Flaw #3 – Outdated Coding

Did you know that mobile access to the internet has already surpassed desktop access?. To ensure that mobile internet users can access your website, your website must be HTML5 compliant, meaning that your website should not include Flash or other outdated technology. At CS Marketing Consultants, all of our websites are HTML5 compliant, and even our videos are all encoded to ensure that they play back properly on iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. Our Web Design simply cannot be beat.

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Every project presents its own challenges,goals, audience, and opportunities. Our approach to turn lookers  into buyers uses a time-tested process so your company can be the obvious choice.